5 Useful Groomsmen Gifts from Central Oregon

Finding groomsmen gifts that truly express how grateful you are to your friends can be a difficult task. Not many guys are begging to be involved in a wedding, so when your best buddies willingly agree to extra expenses and wearing uncomfortable suits, you’ve got to say thank you somehow. And that’s where gifts come in handy. Instead of buying the generic flask or a tacky mug with their picture on it, we recommend giving them something they’ll use or something that will help them out with the extra wedding expenses. These are gifts that your groomsmen will be truly grateful for, and they’re all from shops located in Central Oregon, which you can feel good about. It keeps your Central Oregon wedding on theme and helps support local businesses.

gb beard oil revolver menswear in Bend

Manly Toiletries

Toiletries may not sound like the best groomsmen gift, but all men need toiletries, right? So, instead of your groomsmen living a life of stealing their girlfriend’s products and smelling like a field of wildflowers, why not get them products that are made for them, in scents that will reflect just how manly they really are? The solution is Revolvr Menswear in Bend, Oregon. They carry many different products perfect for the manliest men in your life.

For your harrier groomsmen, they have beard oil, beard wash, and mustache wax in intoxicating scents ranging from Cherry Tobacco and Cinnamon Bark to Sandalwood and Juniper Berry. For the guys who prefer the clean-shaven look, these Pomades by Imperial will give them perfect hair every single time, and they’re water reactivatable, so a small splash of water allows them to re-style almost anywhere. And last but not least, Revolvr also carries Solid Cologne by Fulton & Roark. These colognes are long-lasting and easy to carry, allowing a man to smell his best, wherever he is.

Designer Rollerball Pens by elegant woodworking

Personalized Woodworking Gifts

Elegant Woodworking Gifts from Redmond, Oregon makes products out of the highest quality wood that can be personalized just for your groomsmen. Some of our favorite groomsmen gifts include the engraved gentleman’s knife in a wooden box, the wooden fly box with a selection of hand-tied flies, or a beer tap handle. They also create beautiful wooden pens that will make any man feel important, and, let’s face it, badass. From twist pens, to click pens, to fountain pens, there is something for every man, and in a wood that perfectly matches his taste. For a unique gift that will always remind your groomsmen of the bond you two share, a personalized woodworking gift might be just what you’re looking for.

APPLE MAPLE BOURBON by Broken Top Candle Company

Alcohol-Themed Candles

Let’s be honest, we all know that men love candles, but finding scents that they love might be harder than you think. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work and found these manly scented candles that we know your groomsmen will love. The Broken Top Candle Company, based out of Bend, Oregon, features alcohol-themed candles that not only sound cool, but they also smell amazing. Some of our favorite scents include Apple Maple Bourbon, Whiskey, Brandied Pear, and Mint Mojito. Picking the right scent is as easy as knowing your buddy’s favorite drink, you can’t go wrong.

HYPNOTIC TIE from revolver menswear in Bend, Oregon

Wedding Attire

It’s true that being in a wedding party can be very costly. From renting the tux and accessories to paying for travel expenses, the dollars add up pretty quickly. So, as a gift to your groomsmen, why not help them out with their attire for the wedding? Revolvr Menswear in Bend, Oregon carries accessories that are perfect for your Central Oregon wedding. We love their selection of Oxford shoes and leather belts for an outdoor, rustic-themed wedding. Their ties and bowties, ranging from chambray to wool, also emulate that unique Central Oregon vibe. Whether you purchase some of their accessories or offer to help with the expenses, your groomsmen will be very grateful for this gift.

hydroflask-64oz-growler in bend, oregon

A Hydro Flask For All

If you know Central Oregon at all, you know we love our Hydro Flasks. And for good reason, they keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm, while using safe materials, and looking cool! They offer many different versions of their famous bottles, which can be used for hydration, coffee, and even beer. That’s right, you can get a 32 oz or a 64 oz growler for your favorite bros, that will keep their craft beer cold all day long. Hydro Flask also has a new customize feature, so you can build the Hydro Flask your groomsmen have always wanted, including bottle size, cap, and color combination. Whether your best bud has a flowing beard that he wants to tame or your friend would get a lot of use out of a Hydro Flask growler, there’s something here for everyone.

deschutes brewery flagship beers

Gifting Your Way

Keep in mind, that you do not have to get the same gift for every groomsman, unless you’re one of those lucky fellas that has an entire band of friends toting beards. A different gift for each groomsman will show that you put thought into the gift. And it will make choosing gifts a lot easier, because trying to find one thing that works for everyone is almost impossible. That being said, we hope this simple list will help you find the perfect gift to show your buddies just how thankful you are to have them by your side on such an important day. {Local craft beer such as Deschutes Brewery, is always a good option. Cheers!}

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