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What We Believe In

We believe that a life lived boldly is a life well lived. It’s why we started Wedventure Magazine. Saying “I Do” in Central Oregon is all about sharing the wedding adventure story. Published twice annually, each issue of Wedventure Magazine provides adventurous couples with the best resources in our area, along with all the cutting-edge trends to help inform them on every aspect of their upcoming wedding adventure. We love couples who explore together, dare together, get dusty together. They wonder and wander through life, making each moment epic.

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A Bit Wild Even...

Our thoughtfully curated magazine inspires them to go beyond the burlap and craft a wedding celebration that is uniquely them – unconventional and unforgettable, a bit wild, even.

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Join Us on this Journey

Wedventure Magazine is committed to sharing the Central Oregon weddings — showcasing not only the couples exchanging vows, but those involved in the creation of memories. From the photographer to the DJ and all the vendors in between, Wedventure recognizes the love and attention to detail that local talents put into their work, as well as the love couples have for each other. Love is a gutsy journey. It’s dirty feet and shared dreams and laughter floating on juniper breezes. Love… Yeah, it’s the grandest adventure of all. We welcome you on this adventure/journey with us.

Our Team


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