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If you’ve seen the cover of our 2019 spring issue, then you know what this post is all about. These badass babes graced the spring cover because we absolutely loved the meaning behind this shoot: embracing every form of “bride.” Olivia Allen, of August Muse Images, had the idea rolling around in her head for a while and eventually voiced her idea to Kait at a&bé bridal and to Amanda of Amanda Jae Photography. They brought Sara of Sara Welch Photo Co. on board, and the idea snowballed into a huge passion project for every woman involved. And that included all of us here at Wedventure!  

a&bé of Portland provided all of the gorgeous dresses fitted to these stunning women. A core value of a&bé is inclusivity and they are proud to provide a place for all brides to feel welcomed.

“We are always asking ourselves how can we better represent all types of diversity, not just from a body positivity perspective but also with the lgbtq+ community, with different ethnicities, hair types, styles, etc.” Kait, manager of a&bé Portland, says. “I really hope when people see these photos (which are breathtaking), they can recognize themselves and feel more confident about the wedding process. You have options. Don’t settle, because the right dress DOES exist for you!”

In all a&bé stores, a bride-to-be can always try on a dress, no matter their size. In-store, they have a range of sizes in a variety of styles and their knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect dress. 

“The three of us felt called to celebrate all brides and share with the world that ‘brides’ come in ALL shapes, sizes, ages, genders, religions, races, among others,” Amanda Jae says. “It is SO important as an industry that we do not discriminate and fall into the trenches of what is trendy, easy, and/or typical.”

Group portrait of brides in front of windows inside the Black Pearl on the Columbia wedding venue
Bridal fashion shot of a group photo of 8 brides holding wedding bouquets indoors

The shoot took place at the stunning Black Pearl along the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. Oregon had just been hit with a few inches of snow the night before, but the group of vendors made it to the venue.  This epic location called for some outdoor shots, so they walked along the water with the snow-covered mountains in the background. Everyone had huge smiles on their faces, even in the cold. “Our all-female team of vendors really channeled each other’s creative energies and put together some truly breathtaking images,” Olivia says.

Though this shoot has such a strong statement, it really was so personal for the photographers involved. They simply wanted to show that beauty doesn’t have a limitation and that all brides are seen, loved, and heard. “And for the vendors, the reality is, a lot of us intend to be inclusive but fail miserably because we don’t really know what that means in practice. As a whole the wedding industry needs to be better,” Olivia says.

quote from August Muse Images.
8 bridal dresses by a&be worn on brides standing together near the river and snow covered mountains

“For the brides and couples out there that may not feel like there is a place for them; THERE IS. There are tons of great vendors, photographers, and people that want to include them, be inclusive to them, and to make them feel loved and included,” Sara Welch says. We absolutely love every aspect of this shoot and feel so honored to be sharing it with all of you. Thank you to Olivia for taking this idea out of your beautiful mind and sharing it with us, and thank you to everyone who helped make it happen.


Outdoor Location: The Gorge.
Photographers: Olivia Peabody of August Muse ImagesAmanda Jae Photography, and Sara Welch Photo Co.
Videographer: Earth Below Photo.
Models: Colleen Fujihara, Ashleigh Elizabeth, Jacquelyn Shadley, Piper Thompson, Natalie Rogers, Anna Solorio, Michella Apodaca, Andrea Hicks.
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