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Voting for the 2017 Destination: Love Giveaway is now closed. However, there is more voting to come as we pick the wedding design for Janae + Cory and more!

Janae and Corry Wedventure Giveaway

Meet one of our destination: Love Giveaway finalists: Janae + Cory!

Their love all started at Starbucks! Here is their entry:

Q: What is your love adventure story?

A: Well, it’s a funny story. We had many opportunities to connect: we both went to Forest Grove High School, our families knew each other, we had some of the same friends, but we never really noticed each other. After high school, Cory’s childhood friends ended up going to college with Janae and becoming her good friends! Same happened to Cory, he ended up living with people Janae went to grade school with. It is like we did a friend swap, and didn’t even know it!

Janae moved back home after college and worked at the Starbucks in Cornelius. Turns out, Cory had worked at that SAME Starbucks before he joined the military. He was visiting home on leave when he went through the drive thru hoping to see some of his old coworkers. Janae handed him his drink and that’s when everything changed. We’ve talked every day since! Two and a half years of long distance wasn’t easy, but we had so many great adventures along the way. 3,000 miles apart, and only seeing each other 4 times a year, we sure did make up for lost time. Mardi Gras, Disneyworld, margaritas on the beach, dolphin boat excursions… we took every opportunity to see the silver lining in our situation and explore the other side of the country.

In February it was FINALLY time to bring Cory home for good! We packed up his car and road tripped along the southern route of the U.S. towards Oregon. If you’ve never taken a road trip with your significant other, we totally recommend it. We bonded so much during those long drives and the experiences we had were irreplaceable. Tasting beignets in New Orleans, wandering around Bucees in Texas, breaking down in Albuquerque, marveling at the Grand Canyon, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran, and finally taking that final sigh once we crossed over the border to Oregon. We had done it! Long distance was over.

Time to start living that life we had been dreaming up over the phone. We got an apartment, we adopted two little fur babies, we started to figure out how to live together in the same state. All of those excursions we had already logged in our scrapbook, and yet the adventure was just beginning.

Q: Tell us all about the proposal!

A: We went on a weekend trip to the beach. Lincoln City hosts an event called “Finders Keepers” where they hide glass floats along the beach for you to find and keep! We were hunting along Siletz Bay when Cory called out that he had found one! As Janae walked towards him, she saw not a float in the sand but an engagement ring! We spent the day smiling and laughing at how well Cory had kept that secret. Turns out, he had that ring purchased back in December. We had road tripped across the country with it tucked in his suit bag in the back of the car!!

Q: What is it about a Central Oregon wedding that draws your attention and makes you want to celebrate with us here?

A: We were lucky enough to be able to spend Christmas of 2016 in Sunriver with both of our families. This was Cory’s first Christmas home since he had been in the military, so it was a special one. We rented a house and played games, did a white elephant gift exchange, made a big Christmas dinner, and played in the snow. It was the first time our families really got the opportunity to connect. It was such a special moment in our relationship and it would be so fitting to join our two families together in Central Oregon too.

Q: Why should we choose you to win this giveaway?

A: We have had quite the fairytale of a relationship. So many opportunities to come together, but we came together at just the right moment. Call it fate or destiny or just being in the right place at the right time, that Starbucks encounter changed our lives. When I was stressing about the wedding venue, budget and date Cory told me, “The minute I proposed to you, I was ready to marry you. It doesn’t matter if it is in a month or a year.” Honestly, I’ve never been more sure about someone. Cory is the love of my life and I can’t wait to be married to him. We waited too long in a long distance relationship to start our lives together. If we won this wedding giveaway, it would allow us set an earlier date and finally step into the next chapter.

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