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Allison Schreck, a Portland, Oregon wedding florist, started Bramble Floral Design with the pure intention of helping others create something meaningful. She loves meeting new people and guiding them to create something that is completely them.
“Most of the couples I work with have great taste but don’t know how to combine that with their love of the wild outdoors. My goal is to give them confidence that their wedding flowers don’t have to be fussy,” Allison says. “They can embrace all kinds of flowers and foliage to create the authentic, elegant experience they are looking for. It fits them, fits the time of year, and fits the space. It’s about creating a look that FEELS right and feels like it belongs.”
For almost ten years, Allison has been working her dream job. Working with her is the perfect balance of guidance and freedom: she helps coax the idea you have for your wedding out of your head and into real-life. And that, my friends, is pure magic.

“I love working with your ideas and your vision to create something totally new and completely you.  Your heart for wild, natural Oregon, and an uncomplicated, professional experience is my favorite thing.”

“Alli was a true pleasure to work with for my wedding. The first meeting we had, we talked for 3 hours about everything-personal lives, wedding vision, flowers for the wedding. She is approachable, personable, and a beautiful person. She took all of the images of flowers I sent her and created the most perfect set of bouquets for my wedding. She went above and beyond when she came by my house to pick up extra greenery I wanted to use as filler, she used some from her own garden, and she spent hours setting up all the 90 vases I had for the tables. Everything was exactly what I had hoped for- in color, shape, aesthetic. She is so talented and all brides in Portland should use her!” -Karen

“Wow. From day one, when we met Alli in a coffee shop, we have enjoyed having her as part of our wedding process. As a person, Alli is the most genuine, sweet, enjoyable personality that will not only talk weddings but will talk about life with you. She genuinely cares. As an artist, Alli is phenomenal. I knew from the beginning that I just could trust that she would do an awesome job with our floral for our wedding. I never imagined it to be as remarkable as it was. It was STUNNING. Holy cow. She truly is an artist with flowers and such a sweet soul.” -Shannon

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