Remy + Luke

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Voting for the 2017 Destination: Love Giveaway is now closed. However, there is more voting to come as we pick the wedding design for Janae + Cory and more!

Remy + Luke

Meet one of our destination: Love Giveaway finalists: Remy & Luke!

They are adventurous Central Oregonians and were nominated to win this incredible giveaway by their amazing sister Mackenzie. Here is their entry:

Q: What is your love adventure story?

A: I don’t even know if this is allowed, but I’m entering on behalf of my sister Remy and her fiancé Luke. Remy and Luke have been together for 11 years. ELEVEN. They met while they were working at a restaurant in Sandpoint, Idaho, where we all grew up. Luke was my brother’s friend when we were kids, but Remy never thought anything about him until that summer working in the restaurant. He was younger and a rebel, Remy has always been little miss perfect. Something clicked after work one night (Remy is very private so to this day I have no clue what won her over, all I know is there was a jet ski involved, haha) and they’ve been together ever since.

Q: Tell us all about the proposal!

A: Remy is 33 and Luke 31 and you bet they’ve been bombarded with questions about when they planned to get engaged for the last 10 or so years. That’s a long time to deal with those sort of questions. Remy and Luke have been through a lot of life together and I always have told them they’ve been together longer than lots of people are married. They’re both in the restaurant industry and have lived in the Northwest and the Bay Area working in small mom and pop restaurants and big fancy ones. So while they were busy living their lives and working really hard to accomplish their goals, life has flown by. Remy always says she thought she would be married and have kids young like in her mid to late 20s. On a last-minute trip to Europe in January (we’re not the Kardashians and can just do that…we are just really bad planners) Luke and Remy decided to join my husband and I. We went to Amsterdam, London and Paris. Remy had always dreamed of an Eiffel Tower proposal, and when Luke said he was going to pop the question I had a hard time keeping it a secret. In fact, I told my husband, my co-worker, and my dental hygienist. As we waited to get into the Eiffel Tower grounds, we realized we had to go through a metal detector. Luke was freaking out…he had the ring in his pocket and the beeper started to go off. Luke told the guy, “I can’t give you an explanation…” Luckily, the guy probably experiences this often and let him through. The sun was about to set and it was go time. The night before in a one-too-many beers conversation, Luke, Jake and I talked about how we would know when Luke was going to propose to Remy so we could get our cameras ready. The guys wanted to do a code word. I suggested champagne, they decided calamari was a much better choice and I was outnumbered. As we walked to see the view of the Eiffel Tower Luke suddenly started shouting Calamari, Calamari, Calamari. We were not ready for this and fumbled to get our phones out, plus he looked insane saying Calamari over and over. Remy was just plain confused. In the end, Luke proposed, Remy said yes and that’s all that mattered. A couple days after we returned from Europe and everyone was on cloud nine, Luke got the news that his dad had been diagnosed with stage four terminal lung cancer. For the next few months, all that mattered was Luke getting up to Idaho every chance he got to see his dad. Sadly, his dad passed away, but Luke did what was right which was putting everything else on hold and being with his dad. Wedding planning took a well deserved back seat to life.

Q: What is it about a Central Oregon wedding that draws your attention and makes you want to celebrate with us here?

A: Remy and Luke moved to Central Oregon to be near me. Haha, just kidding, I mean maybe that’s part of it, but really if you look in their garage you’ll see the real reason why. It’s packed with every toy imaginable… paddle boards for the lakes, motorcycles for ripping around in the middle of nowhere, fly fishing gear for getting on the river and cruisers for doing the freedom ride. They moved to Central Oregon because they missed the small town lifestyle we all experienced growing up in Idaho. Being able to celebrate with family and friends in their own backyard would be amazing. Remy has told me all she cares about with her wedding is having amazing photos, great food and being with loved ones. I know they would be thrilled to have their wedding at Tetherow.

Q: Why should we choose you to win this giveaway?

A: You should choose Remy and Luke because they’ve been in love for 11 years and have always been waiting for the right time to get married. As soon as they decided to take the next step, tragedy struck and put off any chance of them doing a summer wedding. Life happens when you least expect it and Remy and Luke have been through a tremendous amount of stress and sadness in the last six months. They’re ready to get married but still standing at square one, not sure where to go from there. Luke also just helped open a restaurant in Bend called The French Market and that’s taken him away from any opportunity to get serious about wedding planning. Remy and Luke would be a wonderful couple for this huge gift!

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