We invite you to submit your work! Wedventure Magazine is the resource for adventurous ideas and inspiration for those wanting to get married in Central Oregon, the Pacific Northwest (including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California) and in the Southwest US (Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern Utah). We are always on the hunt for amazing work to be featured in our print magazines and/or blog, and you are welcome to reach out asking what we are looking for in each issue specifically. We are committed to showcasing not only the couples exchanging their vows but those involved in the creation of their memories. From the photographer to the DJ and all the vendors in between, we recognize the love and the attention to detail our local talent provides our community and we look forward to celebrating your work, so, please submit!

Submission Guidelines:

Please send gallery links that give us access to high-resolution images (we prefer Pixieset or Pass instead of Dropbox or Google Drive.) Your work can be submitted directly via email using this link. Please note, we do not accept submissions through Two Bright Lights at this time; or through social media channels.

We prefer that submissions have not been published previously online or in print, but would still consider featuring the event depending on when, where and how many images were featured. NOTE: We do ask that you not already be featuring a work you submit to us (especially in print) elsewhere for approximately 3 months prior. After we release a print issue with your work included, we ask that it be on newsstands for 2 weeks before you send it elsewhere for consideration. The same goes for social media. If many of the images from a particular shoot/event are out on social, we may be less inclined to pick it up for print/blog.

We require the following for any submission:

> 50-100 professional quality photos taken by an active wedding photographer

> Images must be high resolution and we prefer at least 18.25 in. x 11 in. (horizontal) and 9.125 in. x 11 in. tall (vertical) minimum at 300dpi with all branding removed. In our print mag, we often like to showcase the images on an entire page or across an entire spread and that is why we prefer to have such large images to work with.

> Approval by all contributing vendors and couples or models

> A list of all vendors and products included in the work. Please include website links and Instagram handles for each contributing vendor.

> A brief description of the submission: If submitting a styled shoot, include the background on the design/concept (basically the “why”) with some info about each vendor if possible. If submitting a real wedding/elopement, again we need the entire vendor list, but would want the contact info for the couple because their background story helps us when we choose.


Incorrect file sizing or incomplete vendor listings may keep submissions from being accepted. We love supporting small businesses, and giving proper credit is very important to us. We’ve tried to cover most of the common questions we receive regarding submissions but feel free to send us an email with further questions or concerns. Also, more information can be found in our Media Kits: Pacific Northwest Media Kit | Southwest Region Media Kit


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