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Voting for the 2017 Destination: Love Giveaway is now closed. However, there is more voting to come as we pick the wedding design for Janae + Cory and more!


Meet one of our destination: Love Giveaway finalists: Tovee + Nick!

This craft beer loving couple from Corvallis, Oregon is ready to get married in the winter season!

Q: What is your love adventure story?

A: Nick and I met completely by chance at a country music festival last summer. Nick was camping at the festival with friends for the weekend. His friends had tickets and got access to a campsite through some mutual acquaintances. He came up from Coos Bay and had been hanging out with the other people in the camp group. I had tickets and was driving down from Corvallis to the concerts with my friend Britney. We attended on Friday, and apparently, Nick and I both were in the beer garden at the same time but didn’t cross paths.

When Britney and I decided to go back on Sunday, she mentioned that she had a friend with a campsite who had set up a mobile bar and pool so we decided to stop by and hang out for a while before heading inside the festival. When we dropped in at the camp, Nick was floating in the pool wearing a ridiculous cowboy hat and sporting a pretty impressive sunburn. We went to the bar and got drinks and Britney’s friend did some quick introductions. Nick came up to the bar to “check his phone,” but we didn’t really talk at that point. I remember noticing his tattoos, and thinking he was pretty cute. He insists that he came up to check me out, but was too shy to really start a conversation.

Over the course of the hot afternoon, DJ equipment came out, music was pumping, and Britney and I had some drinks and ended up sitting on a truck tailgate with our feet in the pool. People were mingling and having a great time, and somehow we ended up getting splashed like crazy. At that point, we decided to throw on suits and join everyone in the pool. By then, Nick came over and made a comment about one of my tattoos (a Greek Aristotle quote, used in the movie Legally Blonde). We started talking and have pretty much never stopped. We spent the rest of the afternoon together missing most of the first acts. When we finally went into the concert, we had our first kiss while Miranda Lambert rocked the stage. We went back to the campsite after the concert and the party kept going while Britney’s friend showed off his mobile DJ set up. However, it being a Sunday, Britney and I needed to get home so we could head to work the next day. Nick walked us to my car, and I gave him my number, not sure if I would hear from him again.

After some troubled travels Monday, Nick finally made it home to the coast and wasn’t sure if he should text me or not. He asked his best friend Sarah for advice the next morning, and she told him to hang up the phone immediately and text the girl he couldn’t stop talking about. He texted me and we planned to meet up in Eugene the next Saturday. I was nervous but drove down and we had the most amazing first date. We walked through the farmers market and antique stores, the conversation came easily and we just felt so comfortable with each other, as if we had known each other for years. I think we both fell in love that day, before we even knew what happened.

We navigated the adventure of a long distance relationship between Coos Bay and Corvallis for the next 10 months, went on some amazing vacations together, and got to know each other’s friends and families. Nick has finally moved up to Corvallis and we have never been happier!

Q: Tell us all about the proposal!

A: This is a funny one. We have talked about getting married almost from the beginning of our relationship. We both were fed up with casual dating, had some hard times, and our relationship has been very serious from the start. I think we had the general framework of our dream wedding all planned out before we had even been together six months – a winter wedding in the Bend area, hopefully in 2018.

However, Nick wanted to save up and buy me a fancy ring and I insisted over and over that it absolutely wasn’t necessary. He had been engaged before and wanted to be sure he did it right this time. So for quite a while, we were in a state of limbo, where I didn’t want to plan anything before we were engaged, but we also really wanted to make our dream timeline a reality.

Finally, one evening in April while Nick was in Corvallis visiting me, we had another conversation about how much we wanted to get married and how we wanted to do it, and were watching some TV show on Hulu while we were hanging out with our dogs and I think I was working on a craft project. Once our show was over, we got ready to head to bed and Nick casually handed me something. I looked down and in my hand was a perfect silver ring made out of a Dove chocolate wrapper that read “improvise.” At that point, my heart melted and we knew we were on the same page. From that point on, we’ve considered ourselves engaged.

Nick still wants to do the big “proposal” with a real ring, but I’m not sure how anything could mean more than my sweet improvise ring. More to come on this one!

Q: What is it about a Central Oregon wedding that draws your attention and makes you want to celebrate with us here?

A: From the beginning, we agreed that we wanted to get married in the winter because we loved the idea of snow. There’s just something so romantic and elegant about a gorgeous snow-scape, and we felt like this would make for a perfect backdrop to an eclectic yet formal event.

Nick and I both grew up on the Oregon coast (in Coos Bay and Newport, respectively) and are no strangers to dramatic scenery and beautiful landscapes. We also both really enjoy the beauty and variety that we find in the Willamette valley where we live now. However, none of these locations would get us to snow.

We both thrive on the outdoors and we knew that nature would be an important factor in picking a wedding venue. We love Central Oregon, and it seemed like the obvious choice. The culture in and around Bend really draws us, and we try to visit at least a few times a year. Hiking and camping in the summer, and snowboarding, sledding, and ice skating in the winter. We are also huge beer fans and Central Oregon’s variety of amazing breweries and restaurants with local flavor cannot be beaten. Our families are spread around Oregon, and Bend seemed like the perfect place to bring everyone together.

Our decision to get married in Central Oregon was solidified this last New Years. We rented a home in Eagle Crest with friends and one night while walking back to our car after dinner, with two feet of snow on the ground and a steady stream falling from the sky, Nick bent down and whispered in my ear that he couldn’t wait to marry me in this area next year. He captured exactly what I was thinking in that moment and ever since then we have had our hearts set on a winter wedding in Central Oregon.

Q: Why should we choose you to win this giveaway?

A: The main reason that we want to have a wedding (besides the obvious desire to pledge our love for one another) is to have the opportunity to bring our families and friends together for a joyful celebration. Neither of us grew up with much money and both of our families have been through some hard times, and it would be such an amazing feeling to be able to treat them to a dream wedding like this one.

I have always wanted a romantic winter wedding and couldn’t believe it when I met Nick and he shared my vision. However, having just graduated from law school a few years ago, I’m still dealing with student loan debt and debt that my mom and I had to take on to support me through school – which wasn’t a part of my wedding dream. My mom, Linda, raised me as a single parent, sometimes working up to three jobs at a time, and unfailingly supported and encouraged me through college and law school. She recently was able to retire, but now I’m supporting her and we’re trying desperately to get everything paid off. She’s going to help us pay for our wedding, but it’s expensive(!!) and we want to make sure not to get any further in debt. This means our wedding budget is seriously limited, and we’re finding that we will need to be creative to bring our vision to life.

Nick also really would love to give his family the opportunity to have a big celebration like this. He served in the US Air Force out of high school and did tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan working in explosive ordinance disposal (basically, the bomb squad – eek!). However, about six years ago, his little sister tragically passed away in a car accident and he ended up leaving military service to come home to Oregon and help his family pick up the pieces. I have never met such a strong amazing family and am constantly blown away by how they have supported and loved each other through such an unimaginable loss. Nick lived and worked in Coos Bay for about five years, but has now moved to Corvallis and wants to start moving forward with his longtime goal of going back to school and pursuing a career in engineering. We are at the point of another very exciting beginning – but further reason for us to have a very limited wedding budget.

The opportunity to have our wedding in such a breathtaking location, be surrounded by family and friends and see our wedding vision come to fruition in a more spectacular way then we could ever imagine, would be an incredible honor and would truly have an amazing impact on our lives. This dream wedding would provide us with the ability to have a tremendous celebration with everyone we love and to start our marriage without wedding debt, which would be an immense help to us as we begin the next chapter of our lives together.

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