Wedding Favor Roundup: Our Local Favorites

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It’s almost your big day.

You have your dress, your cake, and your vows already. You and your partner have spent hours on the computer looking up the best wedding decor. You worked well into the night hand-addressing your custom wedding invites, and you’re both ready to have this day be remembered as not only a wedding but your wedding. And that means giving your guests something unique and memorable so they can relive these special moments for years to come.

We are so over the mass-produced, cheesy, and generic wedding favors. Stuck on what to give your guests? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up our favorite local wedding favor ideas that your guests will love. With some that can be customized and ordered from local Etsy stores, or some that you can find nearby, you’ll be sure to find the perfect wedding favor to give to your guests.


Personalized Candles


Maybe you have family traveling across state lines to see you tie the knot — or you want everyone to remember the epic place you said: “I do.” Whatever the reason, these cute personalized map candles will be a heartfelt wedding favor. And you even get to pick a scent from a huge list! Getting married on the beach? Order the Salt & Sea. Having a fall wedding? Go with Apples & Maple Bourbon or the classic Pumpkin Souffle. Being able to match a scent with the location of your wedding will make for one memorable wedding favor. 


Personalized Growler 

Craft beer anyone? *Raises hand.* We all know that good craft beer makes a good wedding, and what better way to remember an epic night than with personalized growlers for the guests! You can even add some custom engraved pint glasses.


Personalized S’mores

Plan on having a bonfire at your wedding? Then these are the perfect wedding favors! Made from scratch in small batches, these gourmet s’mores are the perfect treat to end the night. Want to get a little crazy? Try one of their flavored s’mores: raspberry, bourbon caramel, lemon chamomile, or espresso.


Custom Tea/Coffee Bags

Not only are these personalized bags cute, they’ll be a hit with your coffee lovers and tea enthusiasts. Fill them with your favorite local coffeehouse beans or a favorite loose leaf tea. Have them perched on a table near the coffee mugs and enjoy some the morning of your wedding!


Wildflower seeds

Give a wedding favor that will last all spring and summer with these adorable wildflower seed tins. These tins come already labeled and packaged so all you have to do is hand them out to your guests and wait for your friends and family to send you pictures of their garden come spring!


Custom soap

Practical, handmade, and cute! These customizable mini soaps are an adorable wedding favor and one that everyone (we hope) will use. Choose from their selection of scents to match your big day. We also love their recycled paper bands!


Custom Stained Glass State Favor

Are you planning a destination wedding, or having family and friends travel to your home state? Either way, if location is a big deal, then these state shaped stained glass favors are the perfect gift for your guests. They can also double as seating chart tags or place cards!


Bottle Opener Keychain

This is probably one of the most useful wedding favors you could give. Have you ever bought a six pack to drink with your friends at a BBQ and realized you don’t have a bottle opener? Give your guests a functional and memorable wedding favor, and make sure they try it out a few times at the wedding!


Hot Cocoa Tubes

I mean, this one doesn’t really need explaining. Hot cocoa is, like, a must over here. Summer nights here in the PNW do tend to get chilly, so snuggling up with a comfy blanket and a hot cocoa sounds like the perfect way to start a marriage.

If you are looking for the perfect local gifts for favors, here are our favorite Central Oregon wedding favor ideas for your epic destination wedding here:


Canned Craft Beers

Still stuck on what to give your guests? Do you like craft beer? Well then, give your guests a six-pack of your favorite beer from a local brewery to showcase the great PNW. And, I mean, most people will be amped to get a good six-pack of amazingness. Deschutes Brewery, Silver Moon Brewery, Worthy Brewing, and 10 Barrel are all amazing and high-quality breweries that will satisfy any craft-beer-enthusiast. Crack a few (with your custom bottle opener, of course) at your wedding and give some as favors! 


Ritual Sage Bundles

Start the marriage off right with a ritual sage bundle send-off. These beautifully hand-crafted bundles from Con Lo Common are one of the many intricate and amazing products they make for smudging and cleansing your body and home. And after your epic, smoke-filled-send-off, your guests get to keep their bundle as a keepsake and to use for themselves! Or, have a memorable and intimate fire with one of their handcrafted fire fuel bundles as the day winds down.

Finding something that is unique, memorable, and totally YOU is what makes a great wedding favor. We love supporting the Pacific Northwest community and hope you do too by getting your wedding favors from a local vendor. Let us know which wedding favor was your favorite!



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